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Guest Blogger: Christine Chitnis and The Markets of New England

I am thrilled to welcome author and photographer Christine Chitnis as a guest blogger!  She is the author of Markets of New England, newly released by The Little Bookroom.  The images in her book are gorgeous and colorful, and they remind me of summers I spent up in Maine as a kid.  Please read as Christine describes here amazing journey researching and writing this lovely, lovely book.  And visit her wonderful blog, Lavender and Limes. [nggallery id=95] The Colorful Markets of New England While writing my first book, Markets of New England, I covered fifty markets -both farmers markets and art + craft markets – in six states over the course of one summer.  From the rocky coast of Maine, to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, from open studio tours to floating farmers markets…I took in all that New England has to offer.  What stuck with me the most, and indeed, seems to be many readers favorite part of my book, is the kaleidoscope of brilliant colors that I discovered during my market travels, and managed to capture through my photography.

I was endlessly intrigued with the unusual produce and food products that I found, and indeed, they became my favorite subjects to photograph.  The colors of nature’s bounty never cease to amaze me.  Favorite colorful discoveries included quail eggs, black, golden and red currants, mini Savoy cabbage, black radishes, fiddleheads, squash blossoms, zebra tomatoes, overflowing baskets of plums, peaches, nectarines and berries… and the list just goes on.

In addition, there is nothing quite like photographing the talented artisans of the region, and experiencing color through their unique works.  I especially enjoyed my visits to various artist studios, during open studio events, where I caught glimpses into their raw spaces, the tools of their trade, and their work, in various stages of completion.  Whether creating with yarn, clay, metal or wood- the colors of their art exploded through my lens.

Although a travel guide book, it is my hope that Markets of New England also serves as an inspiring, photographic journey showcasing the rich, vibrant beauty of the region I am lucky enough to call home. [singlepic id=1041 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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