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Guest Market: Lucky Street Vintage & Flea Market in Oceanside, CA

I went to visit my mom in San Diego in mid-June. One day, we hit Highway 1 and headed north to Oceanside in search of the Lucky Street Vintage and Flea Market.

Lucky Street feels like the attic where your wonderful, amazing and slightly batty favorite aunt stored all her treasures: absolutely charming. It is organized and managed by Denny Golden and Yvette Mastin, who also own a prop and decor company. They have done a wonderful job of creating a magical environment in a large warehouse filled with individual boutiques, all tied together with handmade bunting and twinkly lights.

As we entered the market, we heard the lovely vocals of Celeste Barbier. We looked around and saw the amazing creativity and effort that has gone into the decor and design of the market. Clever displays feature old suitcases, piles of antique chairs, weathered garden furniture and even lace-covered umbrellas.

I’ve included a lot of photos in this posting because there was just so much to see. I loved speaking with the vendors, who were very interested in hearing about all the markets happening in New York City. In fact, I met a lovely couple from Park Slope, Bob and Judi Pheiffer, who owned the Brooklyn shop Coolect. They recently and completely converted to being West Coasters and opened their seasonal shop at Lucky Street. I also met Bonnie Cady, owner of Molly James Recycled Treasures, who had a pearl and rose necklace that I could not resist. Bonnie’s boutique is a combination of vintage clothing, accessories and homeware, as well as some items she makes by hand, including stylish scarves from upcycled materials.

I saw a garden made from vintage plates and saucers, known as “drought resistant flowers.” I was also drawn right into Cambria’s Charmed Life, a beautiful space filled with platters of charms, all organized by shape. The bird and garden bug charms are irresistible.

Mom and I spent a couple of relaxing hours at Lucky Street, and we even danced a little bit as Celeste struck up a Sinatra tune on our way out. This market has a wonderful, laid back California vibe. But there is nothing casual about the care and energy that has gone into its creation and success.

If you’re in the San Diego area, don’t miss the next Lucky Street Market events on July 13 and 14 and then again July 27 and 28, 2013 at 1715 South Freeman Street, Oceanside, California. Be prepared to be charmed.

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Celeste Barbier Sings Jazz, Blues & Rockabilly

Mermaid Garden

Vintage Kitty at Lucky Street Market in Oceanside

Seashell Mirror – Lucky Street Market in Oceanside, CA

Bonnie Cady of Molly James Recycled Treasures

My Mom Haydee Seiger Shops Under the Twinkly Lights

Handmade Parasols and Bunting at Lucky Street

Handmade Bunting

Drought Resistant Flowers – Made from Vintage Plates

Birds, Dragonflies and More At Cambria’s Charmed Life

Rare Original Photo of Shirley Temple

Mom and Brooklynites Bob and Judi Pheiffer of Coolect

I had to buy this package of love letters.

Looking Up at Lucky Street Vintage and Antique Market in Oceanside, CA

Glitter Brushes at Lucky Street Market

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