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Handmade Limited Edition Hats from Rocks and Salt

Vendor of the Week for The Brooklyn Lyceum Spring Food and Crafts Market and the Handmade Cavalcade!

Rocks and Salt makes cool hats.  It’s almost as simple as that.  But not quite.  These hip, limited edition hats are carefully designed for each season, and each one is painstakingly made by hand, using high quality, unusual fabrics.  They achieve that extremely elusive balance of retro, current, and trendsetting all at the same time.

There are hats for men and women in the Rocks and Salt collections, and many of them suit both.  This year’s Spring/Summer line includes five different styles.  The cycling cap is a jaunty addition to any outfit, especially with the printed bicycle gear on the side.  This season’s Henley is a stylized bucket hat with a selection of different printed images to choose from, including a computer circuit board and a brick wall.  Like all the other styles, the Henley comes in a variety of fabrics, including purple, which I admit is my favorite color.  The spring and summer styles are lighter and hand-washable, whereas the winter styles are made of wools and tweeds and other warm fabrics.

In addition to their signature hats, Rocks and Salt designers and proprietors Phil and Sara also create jewelry, clothing, and a fanny pack that comes in a variety of colors and is actually cool.  The knee-length skirts have a big pocket and a handkerchief hemline that is young and flattering.  Using a variety of chains, silver, leather, stones, and other elements, their jewelry designs range from light, colorful dangle earrings to leather cuffs. The unifying thread is the impeccable design and craftsmanship.

When you put them all together, as in the center photo above, you have the Rocks and Salt look.  Edgy, sexy, put-together – and fun!

Rocks and Salt celebrates its fifth year this April, and, as Phil says, “We’re going full steam ahead with lots of great stuff!”

You can meet Phil, Sara and their hats at the Handmade Cavalcade on April 24th and at the Brooklyn Lyceum’s Spring Food and Craft Market.  They also sell their products regularly at the Brooklyn Indie Market.

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