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Happily Chewing on Queen Anne Cherries

This week we bought cherries for my mom, who was here for a visit.  She’s tiny, but she can devour a half pound of sweet, juicy cherries in no time at all.  And she appreciates every single one.

These Queen Anne Cherries are from Tree-Licious Orchards, a 7th generation family-owned farm in Western New Jersey.  They specialize in apples and peaches, and their cherries aren’t too shabby either.  They also make delicious baked goods with their produce. Queen Annes are great for eating and for baking. According to Eat Like No One Else, they are commonly used in making maraschino cherries, which are also delicious but not quite so farm fresh.

You can find Tree-Licious fruits in many local farmers markets in New York and New Jersey.  You can also visit the orchards and pick your own. Picnics are encouraged!


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