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Help Japan

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I am horrified and flabbergasted by the trifecta of disasters in Japan. So I am sharing two links with information about where you can contribute and support the people of Japan to help them recover from this unthinkable situation:

  1. Doctors Without Borders:  I saw their work in Mozambique, and I think they are a fantastic organization.

  2. Manhattan Users Guide List: Thank you to the Manhattan Users Guide for this list of other organizations working to help the people of Japan, including the Japan Society and the NYC Mayor’s Fund.

Please use the comments section below to share any other events in support of Japan Relief and also post on our Facebook Page.

Canadian Artist James White of Signalnoise Studio in Nova Scotia created this beautiful poster to raise funds for Japanese relief.  He is donating proceeds to the Canadian Red Cross.

Thank you. [singlepic id=905 w=624 h=410 float=center]


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