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I Finally Met Andy Warhol’s Cookie Jar Supplier – And You Can Too

American Bisque Teddy Bear Cookie Jar

American Bisque Teddy Bear Cookie Jar

You probably know about Andy Warhol’s love of cookie jars. I have heard stories from antique and flea vendors about how he used to frequent the old Chelsea Flea Market.

Last weekend at the Greenflea, I finally met someone who actually sold cookie jars to Andy Warhol. Well, not to Andy directly. Andy would send his people out to scout the market for interesting things and then send them back with the payment.

Antiques vendor Billy Monteforte once sold $6,000 worth of cookie jars to Andy Warhol. Fortunately for you and me, he still sells wonderful cookie jars and many other intriguing items at the new Chelsea Flea on 25th Street and at the Greenflea at 77th and Columbus Avenue.

Rocking Horse Cookie Jar

Rocking Horse Cookie Jar

I learned these stories because the adorable bear cookie jar on Billy’s table caught my eye, and I stopped to ask about it. It is made by American Bisque in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. I love the details, including the little cookie in the bear’s hand.

I also loved the yellow horse cookie jar in Billy’s collection. It is the Hobby Horse Cookie Jar, made by McCoy in the early 1950’s, as I learned from Billy. He is quite knowledgeable about the items he sells. All I know is that the only thing better than a cookie jar is a cookie jar filled with cookies.

Billy had several other objects that I admired as well: a doorstop of a Boston Terrier by Huntley and a white metal casting of a beautiful pointer. The details on both were lovely.

Billy saw his cookie jars again a few years later when Christie’s auctioned off the Warhol estate. That’s the thing about flea and antique markets. Beautiful objects will always find a new home.

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Pointer Doorstop from Billy Monteforte's Collection

Pointer Doorstop from Billy Monteforte’s Collection

Boston Terrier Iron Casting

Boston Terrier Door Stop



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