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I Got Your Hot Pickle Right Here

Local artisanal pickle company Rick’s Picks has launched a new pickle product: Rick’s Picks Hotties: Spicy Sriracha-Habanero Crinkle-Cut Pickle Chips.  I’m here to tell you that these little devils live up to their name.

I like to put hot pickled things on normally bland turkey sandwiches, and I thought these Hotties would be good.  They were great!  I tasted a lovely base of spicy flavor before my mouth caught fire.  James and I drank a gallon of water each because we were out of milk.  As usual with water and spicy foods, it didn’t help at all; we just had to pant and wait it out.  And then we went back in for more.

But I confess that I’m a wimp when it comes to hot spicy foods.  I like it in small doses, and then my tongue raises the white flag.  So I thought I’d bring in some other tasters to help round out my assessment.  Fortunately, we were hosting a party for July 4th.  I put the Hotties into my favorite Take Me Homeware “Saucy” bowl for maximum effect, with a comment sheet next to it.  Here are some of the comments from our guests and fellow pickle tasters:

“I’m a hot/spicy guy who loves hot/spicy anything.  These were great!”

“The hot pickles were fantastic.  Loved them.  Not for sissies!!!”

“Too hot for Texas!”

“Delicious!  Perfect combination of hot and sweet.  Not for wussies!”

“Hmmm…That’s a hot pickle.  OH!  THAT’S A HOT PICKLE!”

For anyone who can stand the heat, I definitely recommend picking up a jar of Rick’s Picks Hotties for your kitchen.  Wussies and Sissies – and apparently Texans – should beware.

Rick’s Picks products are available at the Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarkets and the Brooklyn Flea, as well as lots of great food stores across the country, including the Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market. Rick’s pickles are not only tasty and innovative; they are a living, briny tribute to the great pickle tradition of New York City.

HEY! Hotties are the Pickle of the Month!  Save $1 on your order on!

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