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Irresistible Couture Jewelry by Alicia Piller

Day of the Dead Skull Necklace by Alicia P

Alicia Piller of Alicia P makes splendid, head-turning adornments. The longer I’ve known her, the grander and larger her work is becoming! But it’s okay if you prefer more dainty styles because she continues to makes those too.

Alicia uses thin strips of suede to create what are essentially soft sculptures. Each piece combines beads, shells, crystals, semi-precious stones and an infinite array of found objects and colors into rich and lustrous swirls.

The Day of the Dead inspired piece (above) is an incredible piece of design. Three skulls are created from suede spirals around mother-of-pearl, pearls, turquoise and many other unusual elements. Frieda Kahlo would have bought it immediately — or made it herself.

I met up with Alicia last week at the new Real Designer Market, an artisan market at 268 Mulberry Street in New York City. Lately she has been creating elaborate body art, pieces she calls Couture Jewelry. My best advice is that you must look at every image on Alicia’s website and then come to the market and try on some of them. Each one is a new and wonderful experience.

Alicia’s smaller pieces are equally lovely. You could wear her pearl and shell necklace (left) to the beach or to the opera. My first piece from Alicia is a lovely bracelet with sweet details, including unusual quartz beads, a pearl and a tiny crystal, all wrapped in brown and lime green suede. People ask me about it all the time. (right)

Alicia P has taken her collections to Europe recently, and now you can come meet her yourself for the next three weeks at the Real Designer Market, Saturdays 11AM – 7PM, at 268 Mulberry.

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