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Isaac Dial – Breathtaking Native American Design at NMAI Art Market

My sister Andrea has a discerning eye for art.  She has a particular passion for native art that not only tells a story, but also proliferates a culture.  We both collect Inuit sculpture and prints, following in the footsteps of our dad, who used to do research in the Arctic back in the day and trade with the local people for their works of art.

Andrea saw the listing for the Art Market at the National Museum of the American Indian on the 2011 Holiday Markets Guide and called to tell me about Isaac Dial, one of the country’s most talented, young Native American jewelry designers, who will be showing his collection at the market.

Isaac’s work combines the highest levels of craftsmanship of traditional Navajo artisans with a modern design sensibility.  His jewelry features angular, bold geometry combined with traditional turquoise, bone, coral, shell, and colorful stones.  He also creates delicate jewelry and sculptural boxes with beautiful butterflies, bees and flowers.  The designs and details are exquisite.

The bracelet in the photo is made in sterling silver with green jade, walrus ivory, fossilized elephant ivory and Lone Mountain turquoise. The interior of the bracelet is cocobolo wood with impressions of landscapes, elements (wind, rain) and symbols of native culture.

Andrea was right again, of course.

Come meet Isaac Dial in person, along with 35 incredibly talented Native American artists, at the NMAI Art Market this Saturday and Sunday (sneek preview on Friday for ticket holders).  And I recommend you take home a piece of Isaac’s jewelry because the world is already recognizing his incredible talent.


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