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Kingston Twenty One: Fashion For Men Of Style And Substance

Montego Travsi Sylvester, Owner of Kinston Twenty One

Last summer, I met Montego Travis Sylvester, or Trav, of Kingston Twenty One, in the Brooklyn Flea. Actually, I saw his brilliant collection of Kingston bowties first, and then I noticed the breadth and depth of his coveted collection of vintage menswear. Trav has been at the Brooklyn Flea since the very beginning. He has an extremely loyal following because he brings an amazing menswear to his boutique in the market every weekend for every season.

We recently met again at the Brooklyn Flea’s Winter Market, and I spent a long time watching men of style admire the overcoats, sweaters, hats and accessories on his tables and garment racks. The collection also includes vintage bar ware, decanters and martini shakers.

To quote Trav’s website, “The cornerstone of our inspiration is life and its entire splendor fusing the past, present and future.” If you look at his collections, you will see that his special magic lies in helping his clients find and express their own style through vintage garments and accessories. Sometimes, with strong vintage pieces can look like more like a costume. But with Travis’ assistance, his clients look stylish and superbly put together.

Lapel Pins, Collared Shirts, Button Vest and a Tweed Jacket from Kingston Twenty One

Handsome and stylish, Rello and Shane are regular customers who clearly knew their way around a clothing rack. They boldly picked out seemingly unlikely garments, like a vintage plaid overcoat, and brought them back to life for the 21st century. It was remarkable to watch, and they allowed me to photograph them as they tried on different looks.

Shane Makes a Vintage Plaid Overcoat Look New Again

Rello Sports a Faux Fur Collared Houndstooth Overcoat

Rello ended up getting a double-breasted black wool and cashmere overcoat, although I have to say he really carried off the houndstooth with panache – inside and out:

Bet you weren’t expecting Yogi Bear!

Vintage and New Ties from Kingston Twenty-One

Someone Will Look Fabulous in this Plaid Sports Coat

Shane’s ready for springtime

Do you see how Shane’s look just works?

Brooklyn Flea shoppers checking out the Mustard Yellow Fedora

Men’s Vintage Cufflinks, Tie Tacks and Stick Pins

We may be freezing our faces off right now, but Travis is already looking forward to springtime. He has some bright, dapper bowties on hand, as well as lighter fabrics and colors for the season we all hope will be here very soon. Like tomorrow.

Stop by Kingston Twenty One for Spring Accessories

A light blue jacket and accessories from this summer in the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene

Kingston Twenty One Summer Collection at the Brooklyn Flea

Travis on a warm summer’s day in the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene

Trav’s may ultimately make his clients’ style look effortless. However, I saw the consideration and time they took to choose the right pieces to take home that weekend. And I can only imagine the dedication it takes Trav to amass a collection like the one you’ll find at Kingston Twenty One.

Meet Trav Sylvester and the Kingston Twenty One collection weekends at the Brooklyn Winter Flea, currently located at 1000 Dean Street in Brooklyn. Follow Kingston Twenty One On Facebook!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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