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Knoll Krest Chicken Pozole: Hot Soup For A Cold Weekend

Knoll Crest Farm Chicken Pozzole

Knoll Crest Farm and Hudson Valley Farmhouse bring  Chicken Pozzole to the Greenmarket

If ever there was a good weekend for some hot soup, it’s this one.

With temperatures dipping into the single digits, my best recommendation is to race out to the Union Square Greenmarket for some fresh ingredients, like potatoes and yams to roast, dark leafy greens, hard cheeses, grassfed meat, or local honey if you have a sore throat.

And try the beautiful homemade soups from Knoll Krest Farm and Hudson Valley Farm House. You may know Knoll Krest Farm for their wonderful fresh eggs and amazing pasta. So you can rest assured that their soups are equally delicious.

The Chicken Pozole (also posole), a traditional, slow-cooked Mexican soup, has chicken broth, shredded chicken, guajillo peppers, tomatoes, white hominy, thyme and spices. The peppers are rich but mild, so they add lovely color and flavor to this hearty mix. Simply pick up a tub at the market and heat it up for lunch or dinner. I’d recommend some fresh bread to go with it too.

There. Now you’re ready for a weekend on the couch. Preferably in your snuggie. (Get the large tub if you’re planning to share. And an extra snuggie.)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City



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