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Late Summer into Early Fall at the Farmers Markets

Market Haul Sep 2014

Mercifully, the transition from my beloved tomatoes and peaches to full fall fare is gradual enough for me to prepare myself emotionally for the summer season to come to an end for another year. I make sure to have a continuous supply of each in the apartment as long as I can.

Earlier this week, though, we picked up this small and flavorful collection of other nice things from the Union Square Greenmarket.

The veggies and watermelon were all from Phillips Farms in New Jersey. Two round rye bread rolls (ruisbrød) from Nordic Breads made for a filling and refreshing lunch with a simple cheddar and the cucumber sliced very thin. I had the sweet, crisp corn for a snack the next day.

James diced up and roasted the cauliflower with olive oil and the onion, and he served it over rice pasta I’d purchased at the Gluten Free Eat UP, mixed with fresh pesto. It was a big bowl of yum.

We have had the sweetest watermelon for a late night snack all week long. The watermelons have really been fantastic this year too. I think we can make this one last till we can get another one on Friday.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City



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