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“Letter To A Hero”: A Personal Anecdote

My dad, Marvin Barr Seiger, in “Letter To A Hero.” He’s the one holding the plate.

In 1943, our dad, Marvin Barr Seiger, was in a movie, “Letter to a Hero.” It was a short film about a school teacher in Monroe, NY writing a letter to her former student who was fighting in WWII, probably in the Asia Pacific Theater. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the “Best Short Subject (2 Reel)” category. This particular film was notable because most of the movies at the time were showing the perspective from war, and this one was about life back home.

Dad was in the scene at the Monroe High School dance. He was probably a junior.

The Monroe Historical Society gave copies of the movie as part of their fundraising efforts about 20 years ago, and Dad’s high school friend Bud sent him a copy. So I got to watch it with him and listen to him remember the experience. I don’t know what happened to his copy, but it occurred to me to call the Historical Society last week to see if they are still selling it. Sure enough, they are. I made a bit of a contribution, and the movie arrived yesterday. It was wonderful to see teenaged Dad dancing in the high school gym.

A little over a year after the film was released, Dad enlisted in the Army. He missed his high school graduation, but his empty chair was draped with an American Flag.

Many thanks to the Monroe Historical Society for preserving and sharing the amazing history of Monroe, NY. If you’re looking for a great day trip from the city, Monroe is just 40 miles away.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Dad Dancing in the Monroe High School Gym in “Letter to a Hero” (1943). Dad is the one at the top with the white collar and beige jacket.

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