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Love is in the Air: Three Great Valentine’s Dates at the Markets

Special Blog Event: I enjoy reading a good number of blogs. Some inspire me, some crack me up consistently, and some actually make me tear up with every posting. Oh – and some make me hungry.  So I invited them to join me in a Valentine’s Day Blogger Round Robin.  We’ve all got all the links to each other’s postings at the top of our own.  So please click through and read all the blogs.  And share them with your friends!  (Thank you to Manhattan Users Guide for the original idea!)

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This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, which means we have the whole entire weekend to hang out with the ones we love the most!  So I thought to myself, “What would I like to do this weekend?”  Of course, it is all about the markets.  Here are three excursions to take with your one Valentine or all the Valentine’s in your family:

Artists & Fleas and the Meeker Avenue Flea:  Artists & Fleas (70 North 7th St. in Williamsburg) offers hours of entertainment together, slowly wandering through the eclectic collection of talented artists and artisans, vintage collections, and mini-cupcakes.  You never know what you’ll find in this market, and when you take your time, I guarantee there will be something there to knock your socks off.  I’ve gotten Valentine’s Day gifts there, from decoupage heart magnets to a fantastic Beatle’s Yellow Submarine hat made from a recycled sweater.  You may find a box of LPs, a handmade book, or a pair of awesome vintage shades. It’s a treasure hunt every weekend.   A few blocks away at 391 Leonard Street is the Meeker Avenue Flea.  This market specializes in vintage and antique furniture primarily.  If you’re having romantic thoughts of moving in, or *gasp* something more serious, try broaching the subject as you are fondling a set of Art Deco bar ware or an Elvis lamp.  Wouldn’t that look great in your new apartment…together?

Chelsea Market and the High Line:  There is something incredibly romantic about the High Line elevated park, no matter what the weather.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a slow park, designed for strolling hand-in-hand, or mitten-in-mitten in this weather.  Take your sweetheart for a wander along the High Line to enjoy the icy vistas and brisk breezes.  Then step off at the 15th Street staircase and explore the tasty treasures inside Chelsea Market.  Chelsea Market Baskets is Valentine’s Day Central, with chocolates, candies and gift baskets for your beloved.  Pick up fresh, luscious ingredients for a delicious home cooked Italian dinner at and Buon Italia.  And for dessert, how about a moist, tender red velvet cake from Amy’s Bread?  And, whatever you do, do not forget a handpicked box of delicate and delicious bonbons from Jacques Torres Chocolates.  There is so much more to see, smell and taste in the market – savor every shop!

New Amsterdam Valentine’s Market & Apothecary:  The first New Amsterdam Market of the year takes place this weekend.  And it’s not just on Sunday!  The market runs both Saturday and Sunday, and also Monday, Valentine’s Day itself.  It’s a weekend for chocolate, and Liddabit Sweets and Mast Brothers will be supplying their delicious, handcrafted chocolates and candies.  I have it on good authority that P&H Soda Co. will have a very limited edition Valentine’s Day strawberry soda syrup just for this market. In addition to all the great food vendors, Lore Tools.Ornaments.Provisions will be there, and you can pick up hand crafted love tokens by paper artist Robert Warner.  There will be some fun events to do together too, including Valentine’s Day caligraphy (Saturday), Kombucha making (Sunday), and a wine and chocolate pairing at Pasanella & Sons (Monday).  Location: Indoors at the New Amsterdam Market School, 224 Front St. (between Beekman St. and Peck Slip).  Saturday & Sunday 11AM – 6PM, Monday 11AM-7PM.

The card pictured is a hand-printed design from Pumpkin & Honey Bunny!


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