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Making A Statement With Vintage Lagerfeld Necklace

On a recent visit to the Antiques Garage, I happened to glace up to see this statement piece, dripping with vintage charm and yet so contemporary. It was vintage Karl Lagerfeld.

I was not surprised to learn that seller was Store With No Walls, a superlative vintage fashion vendor. I normally visit SWNW owners Janet and Anthony at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea, so it was a pleasure to run my fingers through the textures and styles of the ages at their indoor venue inside the garage.

On principle, I am not a fan of coral jewelry (coral reefs are threatened by humans worldwide). But these chunks of coral were collected decades ago, and they deserve to be preserved and respected. The size of each chunk and the beautifully matching deep red hues make this piece extremely special. It also features large golden sand dollars and clam shells. On the clasp is the distinctive, double sided Lagerfeld emblem.

This piece may still be available. Or it may be have already been sold by the time you go look for it this weekend (2nd floor of the Garage). That’s what makes shopping in flea markets so fun and a little bit stressful. If you like something, buy it. It probably won’t be there later if you walk away.

Speaking of items selling fast, I wanted to share this photo of an adorable vintage poodle (below). It sold within minutes of its photo being posted to Store With No Wall’s Facebook page! Follow them and don’t miss out on any vintage treasures.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Wear this Vintage Lagerfeld piece on your next cruise!

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Logo on Vintage Coral Necklace

Lagerfeld Initials on Vintage Coral Chunky Necklace from Store With No Walls

This Vintage Poodle Purse was sold immediately via Store With No Wall’s Facebook Page!     (I love the poodle’s attitude and blingy leash!)

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