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Market Picks for June 4-5 and Happy Birthday to My Sister Andrea!

I can’t help but go on about the beautiful weather we’ve been having, which couldn’t be better for strolling through this week’s Market Picks:

Saturday and Sunday

  1. Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit:  The WSOAE is back on the list for its second weekend.  There are some fantastic works of art on the sidewalks of the Village, as well as beautiful handmade crafts.  Saturday and Sunday

  2. Artists & Fleas:  This market is full of carefully selected fleas and fine handmade jewelry, accessories, soaps, art, photography, and much more.  And I’ll fill you in on a secret: they also have fantastic local food vendors!  Satisfy your inner foodie without spending valuable shopping time waiting in lines.  Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Only

  1. Smorgasburg:  This market is such a brilliant idea for food lovers and for the talented and tasty food innovators in the city.  For my own sake, I am hoping the lines have calmed down a little at the Brooklyn Flea’s new food market.  For the market’s sake, I’m sure it will continue to be jam packed with eager eaters! Saturday only

Sunday Only

  1. New Amsterdam Market: The market opens this weekend for a season of weekly events.  They are promising the return of our favorite food vendors and also some new ones we will surely fall in love with immediately.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Sunday only

  2. Fulton Stall Market:  Back for the season too, this market is a wonderful service to the Seaport neighborhood.  It features a lovely, balanced mix of food vendors, farmers, artisans, and even fine artist, Naima Rauam, whose paintings feature beautiful scenes from the Fulton Fish Market.  Sunday only

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Marketing!

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