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Markets of New York City in the New York Times Style Section!

In the interest of full disclosure, I was completely ecstatic about the lovely piece by Mary Billard in the New York Times Style Section yesterday about Markets of New York City: A Guide to the Best Artisan, Farmer, Food, and Flea Markets.  Her “Browsing” column is full of very cool finds around the city.  The photo is by Kirsten Luce, who really captured the atmosphere at the Young Designers Market, where you can chat with the actual designers about their creations.

And if you haven’t gone to this market to see men’s clothing designer Wendel Johnston, or for that matter Nature vs. Future, Arza Design Handbags, Sohung Designs,  Digby & Iona, and many more, there is no time like the present.  I was at an Asteroids Galaxy Tour concert a few weeks ago at the Bowery Ballroom standing in the balcony, when I looked down and saw a dapper young man wearing one of Wendel’s hoodie blazers.  I almost jumped over the rail to tell him how great he looked, but I thought better of it because it’s about a 15 foot drop.  But seeing the creations of a great designer out in the streets helped me enjoy the concert just a little bit more than I would have, and I love the Asteroids a lot!

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