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Meet Up With Your Friends This Month At Madison Square Eats

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I am so glad Madison Square Eats, or Mad. Sq. Eats as it is also known, is back for the month of September! I’m often in the Flatiron District, and this amazing food market gives me such a great variety of options for lunch, dinner or, as was the case tonight, a late night snack.

The outdoor food venue, which is actually in General Worth Square just across 5th Avenue from Madison Square, is a cozy enclave of 30 local food vendors, and it has even more seating this time around. As ever, the twinkly lights make it a lovely setting for drinks and burgers after work or dinner with friends.

Tonight, James had a craving for a crepe from Bar Suzette. Their traditional French crepes really hit the spot any time of day or evening. The square was packed with people ordering food and drinks and sitting along the numerous picnic tables.

We’ll be back many times before the last day on October 2, and I suggest you go too! (By the way, James loved his crepe, and he even shared!)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

James got a monogrammed crepe from Bar Suzette

James got a very special ham  and cheese crepe from Bar Suzette


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