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Memorial Day Fundraiser for Team Rubicon in Oklahoma

The New York food community is banding together to raise funds for the disaster relief efforts in Moore, Oklahoma.

A bunch of us, under the guiding energy of Allison Robicelli, are asking you, the people in our own communities, to give $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can, to support the people of Oklahoma and Team Rubicon.

What’s the connection between New York City and Moore, Oklahoma? It all starts with Team Rubicon, an organization of military veterans who now conduct emergency relief efforts across the US and internationally. They came to New York City to help us after Hurricane Sandy. And now there are over 100 Team Rubicon volunteers in Oklahoma, delivering relief and help once again.

My own home town of Xenia, Ohio was hit by an F5 tornado when I was a kid. Fortunately, our house was spared, but it was devastating to our community. 32 people were killed. Today, so many years later, a stormy day will still bring back memories of that tornado. My dad went out that night to volunteer and ended up picking people out of the debris and bringing them to the hospital. He got back early the next morning, completely exhausted and dismayed by the incredible destruction of our small town.

So please do what you can to help us reach our goal of raising $15,000 to help rebuild Moore, Oklahoma. Sharing the link will help too. It’s all about being there for other people in need. They’ll be there for us, and it makes a difference.

Thank you and happy Memorial Day!

Team Rubicon Saves Puppy

And here’s a puppy saved by Team Rubicon. You cannot resist. Credit: Team Rubicon


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