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Mini Bundt Cakes? Yes, Please. And Don’t Ask Me To Share

New Amsterdam Baking Co. Bourbon Cake

The selection of locally made savory, sweet and icy foods at the LIC Flea and Food Market in Long Island City, Queens is quite impressive. During my first visit to this market a couple of weeks ago, the New Amsterdam Baking Company drew me in with its pristine, moist-looking mini-bundt cakes and lovely display.

Owner and baker Christina Burns and her husband launched their bakery just a few months ago. They still have their day jobs, as do many of the passionate entrepreneurs throughout the markets, but I have a feeling they will be moving into their new business full-time in short order. I say this for two reasons. First of all, I could tell from talking with them for about 30 seconds that they are having a wonderful time with it. They are diligently developing new products while tackling head-on all the foreseen and unforeseen challenges that come up in any business. Secondly, their cakes are marvelous! They look enticing, and they are moist, tasty and completely satisfying.

I do love a good bundt cake, and a mini-bundt is the perfect size for one person with no sharing (we’re talking about chocolate cake here, people). However, and this is big for me, I would share a bite of my chocolate pretzel bundt cake for a bite of that Classic Apple Cake.

You can find New Amsterdam Baking Company bundt cakes almost every weekend throughout the summer underneath their beautiful new tent at the LIC Flea! On July 27th and 28th, they will be at the Ridgewood Market in Ridgewood, NY. Their website should be up soon too, so bookmark this site and I’ll let you know when it’s live!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

1 New Amsterdam Baking Co Cake with Flag
New Amsterdam Classic Apple Bundt Cake

New Amsterdam Classic Apple Bundt Cake

New Amsterdam Baking Co Double Chocolate Pretzel Cake

New Amsterdam Baking Co Double Chocolate Pretzel Cake

New Amsterdam Baking Co.

New Amsterdam Baking Co.


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