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Miss Wit’s Industrial Light and Tragic T-Shirt Designs

I can appreciate a good funny t-shirt, except for the fellow I saw actually wearing his “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt in Paris.  (His girlfriend was not amused.)  When I see a really hysterical one, I’m happy to show my appreciation with a loud chuckle.  The cleverest t-shirts I’ve seen in a long time come from Miss Wit, this week’s Vendor of the Week for the Brooklyn Lyceum’s Spring Food and Crafts Market.

If you spend a couple of minutes with Deb Goldstein, Miss Wit herself, you will understand her humor and great energy.  The t-shirt that cracks me up the most says, “I can’t stop googling myself.”  (But I’m too shy to wear it…)  I also love her 1980’s music collection, including “Her name is Rio. She don’t need to understand,” and “Turn Around Bright Eyes.”  Deb understands why the Beach Boys are funny too; her Black Flag/Beach Boys tee is one of her best sellers.  Her “Ego Friendly” and “Mudflap Girl” designs are a must for today’s hippest fashionistas.  Her Oscar’s tee, “…and I want to thank Harvey Weinstein,” struck a lot of people’s funny bones and was a runaway success.

All of Deb’s designs are her own, except for the Beach Boys Song Topics Venn Diagram (original design by Dan Meth) and the beautiful bird and branch designs by her mother.  Her brother assists with the graphic design, but Deb learned Photoshop so that she could create more complex images.  Some of her designs include “found” images and most are witty takes on popular culture.  Her printing is done in Brooklyn.

I’ve posted her images of some of my favorite t-shirts, but you really have to go to to see them all.  Or you can meet Miss Wit in person at the Brooklyn Lyceum Market on May 1 & 2!  You’ll be glad you did!


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