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My Market Haul – And Then Some!

So here is a photo of My Market Haul for this past weekend.  It doesn’t include all the delicious things I tasted or gobbled up, but I thought it made a pretty collage.  I made it to the markets closest to home on Sunday, namely the Fulton Stall Market and the New Amsterdam Market.  Items in this photo are the following market items:

  1. Peaches, Tomatoes and a Maitake Mushroom, Do Re Mi Farms – Perfect!

  2. Balsamic Vinaigrette Basico, SchoolHouse Kitchen – Tangy and tasty!

  3. Cream Soda Syrup, P&H Soda Co. – As a gift for someone very lucky special.

  4. Moses Sleeper Cheese, The Cellars at Jasper Hill – It’s creamy and delicious.

  5. The Queens Guard and Ceylon Teas, Bellocq Tea Atelier – Both blends are remarkable, especially iced.

  6. Eiffel Tower Ring, UrbanRose – I got three of these for my Francophile friends to ensure we all end up in Paris together very soon.

I will be featuring the other amazing things I ate at these markets during the week.  What treasures did you find?


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