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My Market Haul – April 7, 2012

Yesterday was a huge day for market openings in the city!  James and I grabbed our cameras and totes, slathered on some sunblock, and we hit the road.

For today, I’m posting a quick image of our “haul,” in the vernacular of teenage fashion vloggers, or most of the wonderful things we picked up along the way.

  1. Finally purchased the adorable Bunnies Tee from Gnome Enterprises after years of admiring it! (Brooklyn Flea)

  2. Tea, Clove, Sage and Aloe scented candle from Ebb & Flow. They make amazing candles and soaps and have a beautiful, romantic little boutique at the market. (Dekalb Market)

  3. Lime Board from Gowanus Furniture Co. Couldn’t resist this gorgeous, tiny handmade cutting board. (Brooklyn Flea)

  4. Charley’s Organic Toffee – a Hostess Gift for Easter Sunday, which hopefully she will share with her guests. (SUPER!market)

  5. Alfajores from Jessy’s Pastries – See above. (SUPER!market)

  6. We also ate up Red Plum Sour Cherry pops from People’s Pops. And we can never resist the perfect bean and queso con loroco pupusas from Solber Pupusas, just like the ones from the Pupusadrome in El Salvador. (Brooklyn Flea)

I’ll fill you in on the rest of our adventures during the week!


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