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My Market Treasures – Raab, Scarves & Monsters

How about the weather this weekend?!  I hope you were able to spend time outside with your mom!

I gave two tours of the World Trade Center Memorial Plaza on Saturday, but James brought home some tasty treats from the Greenmarket.  (I’ve been a volunteer tour guide of the World Trade Center site with the 9/11 Families Association since 2006.) He cooked up the gorgeous, leafy broccoli raab in the photo with some ramp butter and the last of the fat ramps in the market for dinner last night.  He also got several round ruisbrods, but we ate them up before I could take their portraits.  Next time for sure!

Sunday we went to Crafts on Columbus, which never fails to impress. We saw some of our favorite designers there, and we met several more amazing people.

  1. My mom is coming for a visit in two weeks, so I got her a scarf made from a traditional kimono from Textile Gems. And then I got one for myself because who can resist those gorgeous colors?

  2. We also picked up some teensy, hand-hammered square earrings in sterling silver from Shaya Fine Handcrafted Jewelry for my sister-in-law. She loves petit jewelry, and she deserves a present just because she’s awesome.

  3. Her daughters (our nieces) love kitties, and we thought they’d like these Kudu-lah Critters. They deserve a present too, so we picked up Squppy (bottom left) and Moxie (bottom right) to put up in their bedroom. Squppy is half squirrel, half puppy, and Moxie is a cat-fox. They’re a couple.

Which markets did you visit this weekend?

Just a heads up: there are a TON of market events going on next weekend! I’ll post my Market Picks on Thursday so that you can plan your strategy for hitting them all!



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