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Nature vs. Future: Sip & Shop for Eco Fashion

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Designer Nina Valenti of Nature vs. Future is a leader in the emerging world of eco-fashion.  I first noticed Nina’s designs at the Young Designers Market, where she has been selling her women’s fashion collections for several years.  Her designs have a strong, distinct style that is both feminine and edgy, classic yet futuristic.

Nina’s designs first drew me to Nature vs. Future.  Her pieces are futuristic classics, as she describes them, and they fit like a flattering dream.  I adore her new Swerve Coat (pictured), a gorgeous, geometric twist on the classic  overcoat, which I first saw at the Madison Square Market by Urban Space.  The wool/cashmere fabric is recycled from the garment industry, and the coats are lined in surprising and fun colors, like purple and teal.  What made me love this designer is the advanced thinking behind the brand and the commitment to building a truly environmentally conscious business.

Nina told me she launched her design label, Nature vs. Future, in 2002 after she began thinking about the environment and wondering about technology and how it can and will continue to relate to the organic forces of nature.  Being a fashion designer, she thought about the tension between a vision for the future and what nature might actually have in store for us.  Her fashion designs are an attempt to leverage that tension into a line that is futuristic and environmentally conscious at the same time.  She uses sustainable materials that are recycled, renewable, and sustainably manufactured.

Nature vs. Future is having an End of Season Sip & Shop Sale tomorrow!

What: Nature vs. Future Collection at 20-50% discounts!  With spritzers made from fair trade Appollis wine and FAIR. goji berry liquor.

When: Tuesday, February 8, 6 – 9PM

Where: The Glittering Conscience Pop-Up Shop, 96 W Houston (Between Thompson & LaGuardia), New York, NY

Glittering Conscience is a lovely shop space featuring multiple eco-conscious jewelry, accessory and fashion designers.  It is a temporary pop-up shop, so don’t miss seeing these amazing products in a beautiful space before it disappears!

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