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New Amsterdam Market Presents Wintermarket

This Sunday is the final New Amsterdam Market for the year.  It looks like it is going to be as amazing as the other three were.

For the uninitiated, The New Amsterdam Market is held under the FDR elevated highway in the South Street Seaport. The market features food purveyors who source their products and ingredients directly from local farmers and producers.  Hopefully this market will find a permanent home in the currently empty Fulton Fish Market.  For now, though, it takes place periodically each year.  (Check their website for a calendar of events.)

Not only is the market quite beautiful, with its clean white and black banners indentifying each vendor, but the quality of products there is superb.  I try and listen to people in the crowd because I hear about wonderful things that I had walked right by, like the bean-to-bar chocolate bars from Mast Brothers.  At the November Market, I went immediately to the Basis table for a jar of golden honey and dozen free-range eggs as they sold out quickly in October.

There will be over 75 food purveyors at this weekend’s markets.  On Sunday, I will definitely stop by Fleishers Grass Fed and Organic Meats because I am giving the gift of bacon this year.   There is always a lovely selection of artisanal breads and cheeses, including Hotbread Kitchen and Saxelby Cheesemongers.  There are wonderful representatives from regional creameries, vinyards, farms and much more.  I strongly advise that you bring your holiday food shopping list because the vendors are prepared to help you with anything you plan to serve your families and guests.

You can also pick up some great things for the foodies in your life.  The gift of pickles is just below bacon on my list, especially the extremely creative varieties from Rick’s Picks.  We gave a jar of Mother-In-Law’s Kimchee to the right person and made him very happy.  Caramels, lollies, and “slurtles” from Liddabit Sweets make great stocking stuffers (just keep them away from the fire!).

To round out your shopping list, stop by and visit Little Bookroom, publisher of beautiful, delightful and extremely informative travel and food guides.  I’ll be at this table, wearing 10 pairs of socks and every pair of thermals I can dig up.  Please come and say hello!


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