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New Features on the Website!

I’d like to take a moment to tell you about some new features I’ve added to the Markets of New York City Website!

I’ve updated the “About” page itself, including the mission statement, contact info, and more.  Under the “About” tab are several new pages with additional information and features:

  1. Markets Book Tour Page: I’ve been spending time at markets all summer, signing books, meeting people and puppies, and generally eating amazing things.  And a little bit of shopping… Check this page to see where I’ll be each weekend through the fall.

  2. Market Updates: By their very nature, markets change all the time.  That’s part of their lovely appeal.  So this is the page where I’ll post information about newly announced dates for seasonal or annual markets and also information that has changed since Markets of New York has come out (just one!).  Check here regularly to see what’s coming up and when.

  3. The Buzz:  Markets of New York City has gotten very nice reviews and write-ups in some august publications (blush), and I have collected these pieces here on The Buzz.

  4. Promote Your Market Events:  The mission of Markets of New York City is to provide information about the wonderful markets, events, and vendors to other market enthusiasts who want to know where to go what they’ll find.  Fortunately, I have a nice right-hand column that is available to markets and market vendors to promote their events and products to a focused audience looking for just this type of information.  You’ll never see an ad for anything that’s not directly related to the markets.

  5. Favorite Books – Markets, Travel, Food and More:  Here is a list of some of my current favorite books.  Some are new or classic releases from my publisher, Little Bookroom, some are books I have reviewed on Markets of New York City, and some are just very useful.  I’ll update the list regularly.  If you have a favorite book to add, please leave a comment!

And here is a photo of our kitty, Pantera Azul.  He’d like to come to the markets with me, but he’s just too sleepy.

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