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New Video: Coney Island Olde Time Strongman Spectacular!

Two weekends ago, I hopped on the N train straight to Coney Island for the Olde Time Strongman Spectacular! My great friend Steve Weiner was performing with an amazing group of authentic strongmen. How could I miss that?

First of all, I love Coney Island. My grandfather owned what we believe was the first movie theater there in the 1920’s, right on Surf Avenue and 12th Street, as well as the Boston Hotel. The Boardwalk is fantastically American, and the carnival rides are a blast. There is the small flea market with nothing but tchotchkes, but the boardwalk food. Bravely resisting Nathan’s Hot Dogs, I had a refreshing mango cut in juicy slices from the flea market. The beach itself really is beautiful these days, and it’s nice to watch the cruise ships sail into the open ocean. But I digress.

The Strongman Spectacular was fantastic! These guys bend steel, pull trucks with their teeth, do two-finger underhand pull ups, and roll up frying pans with their bare hands. I know that Steve doesn’t take supplements or any other substances at all. He got this strong by working hard and eating real food.

Four exciting world records for strength were officially established  too:

  1. Sonny Barry – Bent 5 bottle caps inside out with his thumb in one minute.

  2. Chris Rider – Tore thirteen 1,463 page phone phone books in half in one minute.

  3. Brad Johnson– Performed 8 rafter pull ups.  These are pullups using a pinch grip.

  4. Steve Weiner – Performed a neck lift with a 200 pound fire hydrant and held it aloft with his neck muscles for one minute and 28 seconds.

Congratulations to all the incredible Strongmen and to the Adam RealMan, the superlative Master of Ceremonies, and to Coney Island USA for this singular event. I made this video to give you a small taste of what we enjoyed. And I posted an album of photos to Facebook. Enjoy and come with me to next year’s Strongman Spectacular!

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