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New Video! Market Signs: Beautiful, Personal, and Helpful

As I wander through the farmers markets, artisan markets and flea markets,  I love to look at all the different kinds of signs.  Signs are written in chalk, Sharpie, pen, and colored markers, on chalkboards, whiteboards, cardboard, or bits of paper – whatever it takes to get the message out to the customers.  I especially like the handwritten ones, and the ones with special messages on them.  I also like the straightforward messages about the item and pricing.  And the ones that go the extra distance to provide a bit more information, or even  a marketing twist: not just a seedless watermelon, but a “Sweet Little Seedless Watermelon.”  How can we possibly resist?

The theme song is “Heaven,” by Brooklyn’s own Hilary Hawke and the Flipsides.  You can often hear them playing at the Greenpoint/McCarren Park  Greenmarket.

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