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New Video: The Taste of Purple

The vivid colors in the farmers market at the peak of the summer growing season are stunning. A few days ago, I was struck by the range of edibles that are purple, which, I admit, is my favorite color.

Not only is purple produce beautiful and delicious, it is also provides powerful phytonutrients, including anthocyanin, which is thought to fight diseases ranging from heart disease to some cancers.

It was years ago, but I still remember discovering those purple potatoes from the Andes Mountains in a market in Washington, DC. When I cut them open, I was astounded by the sheer purpleness of them. They turned into amazing purple mashed potatoes that actually tasted like potato and not all the other creams and butters you usually have to add to give a commercial potato some flavor. James and I had a dinner party featuring those mashed potatoes, and everyone thought we’d used food coloring.

The video is only 33 seconds. Enjoy!


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