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NEWS! I’m Now Editing An Amazing Travel Guide Series

111 Places: Travel Like A Local

111 Places: Travel Like A Local

I am excited to announce that I have a wonderful new gig!

I’m the new North American editor-in-chief of a series of travel guides, 111 Places That You Must Not Miss!

The series is owned by Emons Verlag, a publishing company in Cologne, Germany. They are a family owned business, and they publish hundreds of beautiful books each year, including the 111 Places travel series.

I love that we create guide books for locals as well as travelers. I knew I was onto something good when I first read 111 Places in New York That You Must Not Miss. Author Jo-Anne Elikann is an amazing person, and she really digs deep into our city to find 111 truly awesome places. I only know half of them. It’s my mission to go find the other 55.5 places, starting with the Oldest Manhole Cover in the city. (Now you want to to know where it is, don’t you?)

My goal is to create more awareness of the 111 Places series in the United States and Canada, as it is already well-known in Europe and the UK. So I may be sharing occasional announcements with you, my brilliant markets community. For example, you will be hearing about the September 27th release of our newest travel guide, 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not MissOur Co-Authors Laurel Moglen and Julia Posey, with Photographer Lyudmila Zotova have captured the spirit of LA in their book.

I visited Cologne this summer!

I visited Cologne this summer!

I am also producing new guide books for more cities in the US and Canada. I am already speaking with new writers and photographers for several cities (to be announced soon). I am looking for writers and photographers for 111 Places in Austen, Boston, Seattle, and both Portlands in the US, and Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec in Canada. I am wide open to proposals for other cities too!

It feels as though this opportunity fell from the sky. But I had a little help from my awesome friend and classmate Bert Ulrich. Bert introduced me to my new Fairy Godmother Lena Tabori and my publishing mentor Katrina Fried. They then introduced me to my new friend and publisher, Hejo Emons and the entire Emons team in Cologne. To paraphrase the Beatles, there’s nothing like a little help from my friends.

Please visit the 111 Places website and check out all our enticing travel guides! And follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City & 111 Places That You Must Not Miss


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