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NEWSFLASH: Speaker Quinn Press Conference in Support of Public Markets

NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s Press Conference in Support of Public Markets

Where: Thursday, April 15 at 11:00 AM

Where: Fulton Fish Market at the South Street Seaport

Email Release from The New Amsterdam Market:

Dear Friends and Supporters:

This Thursday, April 15 at 11:00am New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will hold a press conference to promote her ongoing support of public markets. The gathering will take place at the site of the world-renowned Fulton Fish Market on South Street in Lower Manhattan. We ask any of you who can make it to attend. Please check our website homepage for last-minute details and the exact location of the conference.

Speaker Quinn has sponsored a number of innovative food policies throughout her term, and has recognized the importance of public markets by funding initiatives at La Marqueta in East Harlem and the Moore Street Market in Brooklyn. These stalwart survivors -once part of a larger system run by the New York City Department of Markets- are poised to grow into thriving centers for job growth, economic development, and increased public health.

More recently, Speaker Quinn has proposed creating a regional, destination food market on the East River waterfront. As demonstrated these past few years by New Amsterdam Market, its merchants, and its supporters, a permanent market at this site will grow into a premier institution to further policy initiatives, incubate small businesses, and contribute to our city’s cultural patrimony.


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