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People’s Pops Opened at Chelsea Market!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the People’s Pops open their counter at Chelsea Market.  Their natural popsicles, made from fresh ingredients from the local farmers markets, have been a mainstay at the Brooklyn Flea and the New Amsterdam Market.  The flavors are innovative and amazing.  Yesterday I had a Sour Cherry Blackberry, and James had a Blackberry Lemon Verbena, both refreshing and guilt-free because they’re made from real, fresh fruit!

They will still be participating at the outdoor markets, but if you can’t wait for the weekend for a frozen treat, go see them at Chelsea Market in the newest area near Jacques Torres Chocolates and Lucy’s Whey American Artisanal Cheeses.  And don’t forget to admire their counter tops, to which the People’s Pops people (Nathalie, David, and Joel) painstakingly glued thousands of popsicle sticks!

(Photos by James Wesolowski)


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