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Photo of the Day 1/16/13 – Kieselstein-Cord Sterling Buckle at the Antiques Garage

Belt Buckle by Roslyn Raphan - Kieselstein

How I’ve made it this far without discovering the work of Barry Kieselstein-Cord, I have no idea. But I’m glad I happened upon his stunning sterling silver belt buckle last weekend at the Antiques Garage.

Collectibles and decorative arts specialist Roslyn Raphan was showing several examples of Kieselstein-Cord’s work at her tables in the Garage. Her taste is exquisite, and she is available for private appointments for clients to spend time looking at her collections. This particular buckle caught my eye. To me, it looks like a unique combination of Art Nouveau with a touch of Native American influence. Stunning.

Barry Kieselstein-Cord is an American designer who has been creating accessories as works of art for over 30 years. According to his website, he currently lives and works on his farm in the Hudson Valley. He has an impressive fan base, which now includes yours truly.

Ms. Raphan does not have a website, but you can visit her when she is at the Antiques Garage or send me an email, and I will make the introduction on your behalf.

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