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Photo of the Day 1/17/13: Taliah Lempert Bicycleware at Fishs Eddy

Talliah Lempert Bike Bowls Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is such a great store. We never walk out of there without finding something we absolutely must take home.

We stopped by Fishs Eddy last week and saw these festive bicycle bowls featured in the corner window on Broadway and 19th Street. I’d know those bikes anywhere. They are by Taliah Lempert of Bicycle Paintings, the Brooklyn artist who finds the unique beauty and individuality within each and every bicycle.

I met Taliah several years ago at the Brooklyn Flea, where she has been selling her bicycle portraits for years. She has a devoted following of bike and art lovers alike, and her work has inspired many a tattoo. She transports her entire collection by bike to and from the flea each weekend. I was thrilled to see Taliah’s collaboration with Fishs Eddy to create a collection of bowls, trays, coasters, refrigerator magnets, tees and totes.

I have been meaning to get some pieces for our table since they came out last year, and seeing them in the window prompted me to take action. Knowing that we’ll get to see that pretty green bike at the bottom of the bowl makes eating oatmeal or lentil soup way more fun.

Please check out Taliah’s tabletop artwork at Fishs Eddy, 889 Broadway and online. She takes the winter off at the Brooklyn Flea, but you can find her back there in the spring and see her paintings, prints, notecards and more each weekend when the outside venues open again.


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