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Photo of the Day 1/30/2013: Eavesmade For the Love Of Science

Eavesmade Darwin Love Note

This is my first Valentine’s Day story for the season!

I am the daughter of a genetics professor. Now, there is no one more liberal arts than me, and yet I have little patience for people who don’t know the difference between viruses and bacteria. I also have a big soft spot for Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. But who doesn’t, right?

My eldest sister, Dr. Leslie Seiger, took after our dad and became a biology professor. Her specialty is botany (although her thirsty house plants may beg to differ).

When we were little kids, Leslie was intrigued by Marie Curie, physicist and pioneer of radiation research, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Leslie’s first independent research project in high school involved radiation. Consciously or not, I’m pretty sure it was a tribute to Mme. Curie.

So when I spotted the Heroes of Science Collection by Eavesmade at the Two Fair Ladies Market and later at the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market, I was smitten. Artisans Jon Eaves and Sharon Shattuck make ornaments and coasters featuring great scientists, including Curie and Darwin, as well as oldies but goodies Galileo Gallilei and Gregor Mendel, one of Dad’s all-time faves for obvious reasons, through our contemporaries like Jane Goodall and Carl Sagan, as well as living hero Stephen Hawking.

I gave Leslie the fabulous Heroes of Science Tote Bag, which was a great holiday conversation starter because she didn’t knew who Ada Lovelace was. (She does now!) I happily decorated our own wreath with a big, sparkly red bow and the Hawking and Darwin ornaments. So festive!

Sharon and Jon don’t have their market schedule yet, but they do have Geek Love Notes in their Etsy shop! You can choose from 8 heart shaped coasters, inspired by everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day heart candies with love notes on them. Jon and Sharon etched portraits of our favorite scientists on wood and added hilarious puns. For example, choose Nikola Tesla (electrical engineering): “You’re electrifying.” There’s no love like geek love.

For shameless SEO purposes: The Oatmeal, Big Bang Theory. That is all – plus this bonus:

Dad and Karen graduation 1988

With Dad on Graduation Day, sometime late last century

Photo Credit: Charles Darwin Geek Love Note by Eavesmade (Top). Captain Marvo (Marvin Seiger) and me  by my middle sister Andrea. (above)


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