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Photo of the Day 1/31/13: Brass Gibson Girls at the Antiques Garage

1890s Flea Brass Asian Ladies

There is a vendor at the Antiques Garage with an amazing vintage findings collection. I selected these three brass pieces to feature because they are so pretty and delicate, and there are hundreds more where they came from.

The splendid brass Geisha cabouchon on the upper left reminds me of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado. The Gibson Girl on the right was the embodiment of beauty at the turn of the last century, and she remains so in my humble opinion.

The brass heart with ribbons and tulips is a sweet bauble that would make a lovely Valentine’s Day charm.

I can’t give you this vendor’s name, but you will not miss the multiple tables and glass display cases on the second floor of the Antiques Garage, at the far end of the space. They also have vintage crystals, beads and many other baubles for jewelry makers and lovers of sparkly things.

The Antiques Garage is open every Friday and Saturday 9AM – 5PM at 112 West 25th Street between 6th & 7th Ave. in Chelsea.

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