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Photo of the Day 1/9/2013: Dark Peach Lips at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea

Hells Kitchen Flea Manequin

Last summer, as I was strolling through the Hell’s Kitchen Flea, I took this image of a beautiful mannequin in a turquoise turban and dress. I have a feeling that she is from the 1920’s, judging by her hair style and clothing. Maybe she was a jewelry model? Or a glove model (before she misplaced her pinky finger)? I loved the way the chartreuse tablecloth enhanced the color of her dress and her dark peach lipstick.

There is a good reason why the Hell’s Kitchen Flea market is one of the top markets in the country: it is a treasure trove and a wealth of creative inspiration all year long.

Explore the Hell’s Kitchen Flea every weekend, 9AM – 5PM at 39th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues in Manhattan.

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