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Photo of the Day 10/11/2010: Silver Kooshball Ring from Wits Productions

The jewelry designs by Natalia Porter of Wits Productions is seriously fun.  At first glace, her pieces are beautifully cast in silver, with fine details and bright accents.  But look a little closer.  That star burst ring?  It’s a kooshball, cast in silver.  Those brightly colored necklaces with bright blue or red cabochon links?  They’re fluffy cotton pompoms, the kind that edge the pillows in your grandma’s house.  Many of Porter’s jewelry is made from toys and castings from unusual items, like tiny silver pigeon feet earrings cast from taxidermy model feet.  Natalia makes pieces for women and men, and you can meet her in person at the Makers Market at the Old American Can Factory.

NOTE: The Makers Market has rescheduled their Minds Over Matter themed markets, which will kick off the Holiday Season on 11/21/2010 with Sugar.  So start thinking up your Wish List today!

Natalia Porter’s Wits Productions

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