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Photo of the Day – 10/6/2010: Similar Alien

You see a lot of things at the market.  But these blue aliens at Artists and Fleas were a first for me.  Tim Kelly is the artist behind Similar Alien, “a metaphorical art series about life, love, history, and pop culture.”  On one level, he paints aliens.  One of his favorite subjects is rock stars.  It’s not difficult to imagine Jerry Garcia, Mick Jagger, or 50 Cent as genius aliens come to earth from outer space. (The one subject that’s missing is Michael Jackson, although his case is obvious.)  He sells original paintings and prints, and he recently began painting aliens on All Star High Tops.  On a different level, Tim’s paintings are a literal reflection of that feeling that somehow we don’t completely belong, which brings us to his interactive Puzzle Project.

Through the Puzzle Project, Tim has set out to prove that art is essential to life.  This project began as an interactive class at a teen arts festival in 2009, where kids painted and decorated 24″x24″ foam core puzzle pieces and ended up with a huge puzzle of all their artwork.   The activity was a huge success, and Tim took it to several schools.  It took on a life of its own via the internet.  And now Tim has enough pieces for a puzzle that is 12 ft. high and 1200 ft long.  So far.  His aim is to install the entire puzzle in an exhibit in New York by 2011 and internationally by 2012.

See what happens when the Aliens come to town?

– Similar Alien Artist Tim Kelly

– Tim Kelly’s Puzzle Project

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