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Photo of the Day: April 2, 2010

Meb Boden and Tom Vaiciulis, proprietors of Meb’s Kitchenwares, make gorgeous and practical wooden kitchen tools by hand from carefully selected New England hardwoods, some from their own back yard!  Each piece is one-of-a-kind.  And the way they feel in your hand, well, you’ll want to stir soups and puddings all day long.  Their cutting boards with wooden inlays are equally wonderful, from the one with a Labrador silhouette to the painter’s pallet.  I adore the fish-shaped oven pull James gave me for Christmas.  They also make items especially for all you lefties.

Meb’s Kitchenwares’ website gives a detailed look into their creative process and the care of their wooden crafts — and also into their lovely life of sailing, recycling, and organic gardening in Connecticut.  They will be at the American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center on June 19th-20th and 26-27.  I’ll remind you to stop by and meet them — but the whale tail spoon is mine!

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