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Photo of the Day, April 2, 2013: Tea for Two with Elephant in the Attic

Antique Teacups from Elephant in the Attic Artists and Fleas

Elephant in the Attic is a wonderful collection of vintage objects at Artists & Fleas that will turn any space into a home. I wanted to move right into the small market boutique of Caitlin Brubacher, curator and owner of Elephant in the Attic and Burnt and Mended handmade accessories for men and women on Etsy.

Caitlin brings together a range of wonderful things like the delicate porcelain teacups pictured above. Her shop looks and feels like a cozy sitting room.

She has an eye for fun prints and pictures too, many of which are framed and hanging in her boutique (left), with many more unframed images to thumb through in the bins inside the shop. She shares the space with Sarah Cooley of Simply Curated.

It is clear to me that Caitlin is brimming with whimsy and design sense. She is very knowledgeable about the items in her shop, and her enthusiasm for, as she says, “re-imagining collected things” is quite contagious. She will help you find a wonderful, inspiring gift item for a friend or for your own home.

Visit Caitlin and Elephant in the Attic every weekend at the Artists & Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



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