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Photo of the Day, April 20, 2012: Ramp Focaccia from Hot Bread Kitchen

This morning I had the honor of participating in the celebration of Immigrant Heritage Week at an awards ceremony with the Business Center for New Americans. As an extra added benefit, I ran into the wonderful Jessamyn Rodriguez, Founder of Hot Bread Kitchen. She informed me that they have been making Ramp Focaccia! Better yet, it is available today at the Union Square Greenmarket!

Luckily for me, after an inspiring morning, I was headed straight to Union Square, where I picked up a large, fresh piece of the bread.

It is soft, fragrant, and golden brown, with ramps baked onto the top infusing the bread with their essence.  I let it melt in my mouth, and when I breathed out, I could taste the ramps even more.  I know foodies go on and on ad nauseum about ramps, but we can’t help ourselves. They’re amazing.

In case you don’t know their story, Hot Bread Kitchen manages the incubator kitchen at La Marqueta in Harlem and teaches culinary skills to foreign born, low income women and men, giving them new economic opportunities to succeed in their new country.  Their selection of breads reflects the cultural heritage of the people who make it.

You can find Hot Bread Kitchen’s delicious bread products in the Greenmarkets and many retailers. They also offer a fantastic Bread CSA.


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