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Photo of the Day – April 26, 2012: Ebb and Flow

One great example comes from the lovely container stores at the Dekalb Market, where we met recently with Rupal Bhindu, founder of Ebb and Flow NYC.  Ebb and Flow makes a handcrafted selection of soaps with unique scents like sweet pea, brown sugar fig, and amethyst.  Ebb and Flow soaps are made from plant-based essential oils and are hypoallergenic and mostly vegan.  An accompanying line of soy candles features amber gris, plumeria, and blood orange.  All Eb and Flow’s products come in striking and stylish packaging.

Ebb and Flow is available at the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn (Willoughby Street @Flatbush Avenue – Tuesday through Sunday) along with many other local food, fashion and accessory designers and vendors.

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