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Photo of the Day – August 10, 2011: Tea by Tiffany

I am a tea lover.  I’d be a tea-totaler if the French weren’t so handy with a grape.  My mom used to give me sweet, warm tea in my baby bottle, which explains both my love of tea and my inability to nap as a small child.

So when I say that the cup of iced, sun-brewed English Breakfast Tea from Tea by Tiffany that I drank on Opening Day at the Dekalb Market might be the best tasting iced tea I’ve ever had, you know that I mean it was out of this world. And not just because it was 4000 degrees out and humid that day.

Tiffany’s tea was icy cold but not diluted by melting ice.  The color was a lovely red/gold, and there was the perfect amount of simple syrup. The flavor was rich and traditional with no hint of the bitterness that sticks to your tongue with some teas.  It was smooth, fragrant, tasty, cold, and delicious.

Tiffany serves a wide variety of teas to satisfy different cravings and preferences. Other flavors she was serving on that day at Dekalb included:

  1. Hibiscus Romance

  2. Golden Monkey Black Tea

  3. Summer Breeze Green Tea with Lemon Grass and Spearmint

  4. White Rose

  5. Blue Moon English Breakfast with Lavender

  6. Rooibos

  7. Spiced Chai

Tea by Tiffany has a permanent location at the new Dekalb Market.  Follow Tea by Tiffany on Facebook to keep track of what’s on her menu.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for colder weather!

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