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Photo of the Day – August 16, 2011: Chane T-Shirt Designs

The Modsushi Collection includes food tees, like the one pictured, and many other great ones as well.  “I ♥ Mayonnaise,” and “I ♥ Ketchup” resonate with me.  The social commentary tees are nothing if not timely: “Laid Off is the New Black,” and “Low Wage Worker.”  There are also some more, well, scatological ones that clearly appeal to the less demure than yours truly: ex. “I ♥ Peeing Outside,” which, interestingly, comes in all sizes from XXL to Onesie.  All t-shirts are handprinted on American Apparel, Anvil and Tultex garments.

If you’re looking for a message to wear on your chest, Chane probably has just the one.  How about this one: “Your Trailer or Mine”?


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