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Photo of the Day – August 18, 2011: Kings County Jerky Company

Thank heaven for the New York artisanal jerky movement that has taken root over the past couple of years.  At the forefront is the rich, complex, and deeply satisfying beef jerky from the  Kings County Jerky Company.  I remember first seeing their jerky at the fabulous food free-for-all formerly known as the Greenpoint Food Market, but they were sold out by the time we squeezed up to their table.

Lucky for us, they have continued to grow in popularity because of their diligence and talent in producing luscious meat products, and even a stunning vegetarian jerky made from fat portobello mushrooms.  Their three main flavors are the peppery Classic, the sweet Korean BBQ, and Sichuan flavored Orange Ginger.  They are all a mouthful of flavor, and I’m especially partial to the Orange Ginger.  The story gets even better because they use grass-fed beef sourced from local farms, and no artificial flavorings.  I’ve seen photos of their amazing new kitchen space, and I’m hoping to do our first Kitchen Tour photo shoot there soon.

You can find Kings County beef jerky at the fabulous food markets of NYC: Saturdays at Smorgasburg and the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene, and Sundays at the New Amsterdam Market. Artisanal is the new beef jerky. Or something like that.


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