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Photo of the Day, August 2, 2010: Savannah’s Cupcakes & More

These days James and I rarely have weekend days together, with me off at the markets and his working 24/7 as entrepreneur.  So we decided to skip it all on Saturday to go out for lunch together…at the markets.  We started at the Hester Street Fair, where we took the famous words of Jacques Torres to heart when he advises, “Eat dessert first.”  You’ll hear all about our “sugar fest” this week, but it all started with cupcakes at a birthday party.

Yup – now you can have your friends come celebrate your birthday at the Hester Street Fair. (Make a note, family!)  This past Saturday, Sway from MTV had a party under a tent filled with balloons and cupcakes.  The cupcakes were provided by Savannah’s Cupcakes from talented baker and business owner Millie Peartree.  We had a banana cupcake with a perfectly smooth and none-too-sweet cream cheese frosting.  Next we had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, which was classic, moist and delicious.  And then there was the super rich and mouthwatering Red Velvet Cupcake.  There’s a soft place in my heart for anyone who can make a moist Red Velvet cake, and Millie Peartree has a seat of honor.

I’m not sure when we’ll see Millie back at the market, but you can see her full, luscious menu and place orders online.  We’ll definitely be seeing more of her though – I’ll keep you posted about her promo in Rachel Ray’s Chat & Chew section in the fall!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Sway!  Major thanks and kudos for promoting this wonderful business at the market!

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