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Photo of the Day – August 2, 2011: Devils May Care

Devils May Care is the confluence of the photography of Jamie Greenberg and a great idea for a design brand.

Jamie, a photographer trained at the International Center of Photography (ICP), began by creating a collection of solid belt buckles that really make a statement. Each buckle is a limited edition of 250 and engraved on the back with the Devils May Care logo, so you know it’s authentic and handmade. She later added a line of graphic T-shirts, thermals, and zip-ups with her images on them. 

The flame belt buckle in this photo is called Perdition.   (Yeah, I was going to say it’s “hot,” but I refrained because it’s so damn cool.)  The image is printed on fine art canvas and protected with a waterproof sealant.  It looks fantastic with a pair of jeans, and it’s a great gift for a guy, although it’s completely unisex.

Devils May Care’s design collection has a great vibe.  Jamie puts it all out there, and her designs appeal to bikers, bad-asses, and anyone with an attitude.

You can meet Jamie in person every weekend at the Nolita Market, on Prince Street between Mulberry and Mott, or visit the Devils May Care website!


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