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Photo of the Day – August 27, 2010: Soigné Hand Painted Tees

Soigné doesn’t just hand paint his vivid menagerie of creatures on brightly colored shirts and canvasses.  He creates stories to describe the worlds they live in.  Each wide-eyed beastie has a name, like Dad E. Longlegs, one of the newest residents of Soigné’s tabletop at Union Square (pictured on the blue tee-shirt on the far left).  Every design is painted by hand, so you will never find two that are exactly alike.  (You can wash them in the laundry too.)  One of my favorites was a snake with big eyes and a sweet expression that draped all the way around the collar of the tee, just as you would expect a snake to do.  Soigné is a painter and a model, and he enjoys selling his creations on Union Square several days out of the week.  Stop by and meet his bugs, bats, and smiling aliens, and if you’re lucky, he’ll tell you stories about all about them.

Soigné can be found in Union Square several days a week.  He is out there today in fact, so go find him at lunchtime.  Today is the perfect day to spend an hour browsing through the Greenmarket and artisan vendors on the square.


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